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Now that Orphans is published and no longer mine alone, I’m feeling a bit lonely. I don’t have my ‘baby’ to tend to anymore (and that truly is a loss after so many months/(years!!) of obsessing,) and I certainly don’t have my next project…

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Nin Andrews interviews Joan Cusack Handler

NIN ANDREWS Orphans is such a powerful and heart-breaking memoir. I thought maybe I’d start the interview by asking for an excerpt from “No Day Was Brighter:” on page 39, beginning on page 39: “I’ve spent my life trying to explain/my mother . ….

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“Irish Litany”: Published on Irish American Mom

As you my readers know, I love poetry and all the nuance, paradox and emotion conveyed by the magical manipulation of words. When I heard from Joan, a native of the Bronx, raised in an Irish family, I was captivated by the idea of a memoir in verse.

And so I asked Joan if she would like to write a guest post for my blog, to introduce you to her writing. As a theme for her piece, I suggested she focus on what it means to her to be Irish, and to share her Irish American story.

When I read her submission, I was blown away. As Joan wrote, her answer turned into verse, memories coming to life through familiar names, places and an Irish American backdrop that influenced and illuminated every moment of her childhood.

I am honored to publish Joan’s poem, Irish Litany, here today. I hope her poetic words will resonate with you, as they did with me.

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Joan Cusack Handler on The Lanada Williams Show

Are you living in the past? Anger? Resentful of a family member or parent​? Learn tips to overcome these movements and meet Joan Cusack Handler poet and psychologist explore her family’s history of depression and resentment with poetry.

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Orphaned in Adulthood

My dual roles as poet and psychologist prepared me well to confront my own and my parents’ love and loss, joy, resentment, anxiety, dependency, tenderness, and terror. All collided in what may be considered the most vulnerable of adult life stages: when we all…

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In Defense of Personal Poetry

Political poetry, the poetry of nature and the poetry of ideas have long been well regarded and published. Not so, however, with what I call personal poetry ( often mistakenly referred to as ‘confessional’ poetry) which focuses on the emotional/psychological fabric of the individual…

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Hello Again!

I’ve been asking myself why I wanted to revitalize this blog. There were several reasons for my disappearance, not the least of which was the loss of a devoted friend who was my partner when I started CavanKerry Press. Absorbing all of my focus,…

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A reading of “Confessions”

Here is the latest video from CavanKerry Press, a reading from “Confessions” at the book release party at Le Possoin Rouge.  Enjoy.

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From Confessions’ Book Launch Party

Nin Andrews draws for Confessions

I’m delighted to share an illustration Nin Andrews made for Confessions.

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